Take a vistit to our Skin Clinic at Sionna Spa 

Skeyndor Re-Balance Facial 30min €65

Concern: Tired and devitalised skin • Short on time Remedy: Luxurious signature facial tailored to your skins needs

Result: Skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated


Skeyndor Essential Facial 60min €80

Concern: Tired and devitalised skin. Remedy: Prescriptive refreshing and balancing treatment.

Result: Re-energised skin for all age groups and skin types.


Skeyndor Eye Revive: 30mins €55

Concern: Special attention for the most expressive parts of our face

Remedy: Revitalise tired eyes, target expression lines, premature ageing and dehydration.

Result: Skin that is completely revitalised, eyes that glow with luminous vitality.

Skeyndor Derma Peel 60min €95

Concern: Pigmentation • Congestion • Texture. Remedy: Cosmeceutical peel with no downtime or side effects.

Result: Resurfaced skin texture and tone with increased firmness and youthfulness.


Skeyndor High Performance Face & Eyes 60min €95

Concern: Sensitive • Reactive • Ageing skin.

Remedy: “Power” ranges include • Vitamin C • Hyaluronic • Retinol

Each scientifically formulated to cosmeceutical grade. Result: Brighter, refined and deeply hydrated skin.


Skeyndor Ultimate Renewal 75min €125

Concern: Visible signs of ageing – face, neck and décolletage. Remedy: Luxury and science meet through stem cell therapy and expanding hyaluronic spheres to increase the production of new collagen fibres at the deepest level. Result: Completely renewed skin with definition and contour delivery, an alternative to botox and fillers. The ultimate luxury spa facial.


Skeyndor Global Lift 60min €125

Concern: Ageing – loss of firmness – volume Remedy: The first Global facelift range to restore the youthful facial contours, Kobido massage removes toxins and smoothes out wrinkles while the Global Lift programme restores facial fullness and improves definition.

Result: The ultimate luxury anti-ageing facial. Skin feels firmer, fuller and more youthful.